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The Rise of R.I.N

An abstract and slides submitted to Scidatacon 2022

Published onApr 27, 2022
The Rise of R.I.N


Indonesian has been known as the second biggest publisher of open access journal (according to DOAJ and COKI OA dashboard). This great strength cannot be separated from the human resources of volunteer journal managers and funding from the state. However, this positive situation was not followed by a push to share data. Indonesia does not yet have proper data sharing regulations based on F.A.I.R. principles.

Since 2017, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (now the National Research and Innovation Agency; BRIN) has pioneered the open deposit of research data in the National Scientific Repository (RIN). Initially limited as a storage and collaboration facility for LIPI researchers, since 2018 RIN has been widely opened to Indonesian researchers.

Currently, the repository has collected more than 4100 datasets from various fields with the two largest fields being medical-health sciences and earth-environmental sciences. Its development is considered to be still slow, so it requires intensive promotion and outreach efforts.

BRIN in collaboration with the Indonesian Open Science Community network has organized various trainings and assistance for researchers who wish to share their data. We would like to put FAIR data sharing as part of support system to support the government of the Republic of Indonesia nurturing the development of Indonesian research.

Complete slides.

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